Education Haiku

It’s been a bit since my last post. One of the things (other than, ahem, returning to school for a third graduate degree because I truly am a glutton for punishment love learning) that keeps me busy is helping out around the periphery with the amazing folks who are involved with a local political engagement/transparency group, NJ 11th for Change. For those who don’t know, the fabulous folks at NJ 11th for Change are amazing grassroots advocates who are now focused for 2019 on mobilizing to bring some sunlight to New Jersey politics, which is a tall order indeed (they did it in December, when they were part of a coalition that put the kibosh on the NJ Democratic machine’s ridiculous plan to enshrine gerrymandering for all time through an incredibly partisan legislative redistricting proposal).

I’m not sure how long she’s been doing it for, but a few weeks ago in the NJ 11th for Change Members’ Facebook group, I first encountered one of member Gail Lalk’s brilliant posts in which she asks folks to distill down their thoughts about political topics by posting in Haiku form. These posts change the conversation in remarkable ways.

As Gail said when I asked whether I could credit her here:

I like being queen!

I’m now the Haiku lady

It’s pretty funny.

Anyway, I couldn’t resist this morning’s Gail-created Haiku challenge. She wrote:

Haiku challenge topic (your response doesn’t have to be a haiku unless you enjoy that):

Education talk

What can we do to improve

What is taught to kids?

There were quite a few thought-provoking responses, but I found myself on a bit of a roll…

Students and teachers

Building trust, caring, and love

Are key to learning

* * *

Computers and tests

Cannot smile, crack a joke

Build community

* * *

Shared knowledge and skills

Respect and honor for all

Reduce class sizes

* * *

Fund equitably

Fight segregation and hate

Build democracy

* * *

Give each kid a chance

Fund wrap-around services

Community Schools

* * *

Not one size fits all

Kids are individuals

Recognize talents

* * *

I encourage you to let Gail inspire you (as she inspired me) and to add your own education aspirational Haiku in the comments…

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